5 WordPress 301 Redirect Plugin

Sometimes when you change your domains or permalinks of you blog, you need to tell the Search Engine that you have changed the web address. The 301 redirect is the most efficient and Search Engine Friendly method to do this. After the set the 301 redirect, the search engines will re-indexed your new web address and preserve your Search Engine Ranking for the page.

Your readers can get to you new web address from the old permalink with the help of 301 redirection. So it can keep your web traffic like it’s before, and never worry about losing your Faithful readers.


There’re many ways to set the 301 redirect, but I think using the wordpress plugin is the easiest one to get it done. There’re five wordpress plugins which are suitable for the 301 redirection.

1.  Redirection

Redirection is the most powerful and multifunctional one, it can redirect any access you want. But it a little hard to be used.

2. Permalinks Migration Plugin for wordpress

This is the best one for changing the permalink of wordpress blogs. It will redirect all the old permalinks to the new one post by post without any code.

3. Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin

Permalink Redirect is a powerful wordpress plugin, it can redirect all the /feed/ to your Feedburner address. If you change the permalink structure, all access to old permalink structure will be redirected to the new one.

4. WWW-Redirect

This plugin can redirect all address from http://www.yourdomain.com/ to http://yourdomain.com/.

5. 301 Redirect Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is easy to be used. What you do just enter the date you need the redirect to occur on, and the page/site you want the specified page redirected to in the plugin setting interface.

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5 thoughts on “5 WordPress 301 Redirect Plugin

  1. 我看到的多数中文博客的文章链接都是使用的文章ID,是不是因为使用文章标题显示乱码的原因?如果我也开始换成使用文章ID做链接是不是使用以上方法可以实现搜索引擎自动和文章内链更换链接?

  2. @shuil 我发现比较多反而是使用post name所谓文章链接,其实每次发表不要使用默认的形式,自己写两个英文单词上去作为链接就OK了,采用中文做连接就是那样长长的一串。

    如果你只是更换博客链接,那直接使用Permalinks Migration Plugin for wordpress这个插件就OK了,简单又好用。详情可以看一下这里:http://www.caxblog.com/301-redirect-plugin-for-wordpress/


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