How to SEO Your WordPress Theme

SEO is a good way to improve the website traffic of your blog, and there’s a plugin named All in one SEO pack can make your wordpress blog more friendly to search engines. But you might know how verbose the setting in All in one SEO pack was, if you have installed that wordpress plugin.

In fact, you can do the SEO job with adding some code in the wordpress theme header.php file instead of using the SEO plugin, and no setting any more!!

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Get Your Consumer Rights

No doubt that the 21th century is the information century, the more info you get, the more money and time you will save. Especially as a consumer, it is necessary to know some basic knowledge of customer statutory rights.

Don’t you know what are consumer rights? Not everyone has this idea I think. Never mind, you can find detailed explanation of statutory rights for goods and services in, which is a good website to show you the clear and practical consumer advice!

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